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Creative Employee Benefit Options For All Types of Employees

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Every business is different. Every employee is different and each has different needs.

Some have pets, others have kids, some need help with budgeting and part-timers need access to basic health care. Many worry about their identity being stolen and others may be depressed and need to talk to someone.

As an HR professional, you listen to the needs of your employees and deploy benefits to meet those needs.

Our agency offers more than insurance products. We are genuinely interested in providing as many unique

benefit offerings to your employees as possible. Review our new list of non-insurance benefit categories and let us know which ones interest you most. Offering non-insurance benefits are a great way to round out an existing health plan or offer benefits to employees who may not have access to these important categories. With the listings below, there is something for everyone.



► Healthcare benefits for full-time, part-time, seasonal, retirees, 1099s and non-benefit eligible employees. Our health care benefits make insured plans better and are also an excellent option for employees with no insurance.

► Pet care benefits for all pets in the household including pet prescriptions, vitamins and online store discounts at places such as and and a broad range of veterinary providers offering strong discounts.

► Financial Wellness benefits including employee budgeting, student loan debt, tax planning and free tax preparation, legal documents and services.

► ID Theft Protection and Restoration services including global travel benefits while traveling abroad.

► Health Advocacy benefits that include price transparency tools, bill negotiation, 24/7 counseling.

► Telemedicine benefits available 24/7 for the employee and their family with a $0 visit fee and behavioral health benefits.

► Dental and Vision discount plans are a low-cost and effective way to provide a solid baseline benefit for employees.


For more information, speak with Aaron Siekmann at or (614) 873-5200 Ext. 5

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