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Employee Benefits Broker

Having a competitive benefits package has become extremely important to hiring and retaining the best employees. The Siekmann Company has aligned with a large network of providers to assist you in designing and implementing an innovative benefits package tailored to your budget. Our staff has many years of experience and provides a high level of customer service. We are an independent agency that has no affiliation with insurance companies which allows us to partner and negotiate with the carrier that is the best fit for you. We pride ourselves in providing clients with creative and forward-thinking solutions to meet your budget and attract and retain the areas best talent. Fees for brokerage services are paid via commissions or fees paid from the insurance carriers.

Medical Insurance

Our broker professionals will work with your benefits committee to procure the most appropriate medical insurance plans given the committee's budget, design, and risk expectations. Since the arrival of the Affordable Care Act, the landscape of the insurance industry has evolved to become somewhat segmented based on the size and nature of your business. Although restrictions and limitations have limited some of the available options, we have a variety of resources that allow us to utilize creative, more modern, solutions for our clients. The key to our process lies in our ability to manage the clients long term financial risk and offering solutions that are viable for their employees

Types of Plans

Fully Insured Health Plans

Level Funded Health Plans

Self-Insured Health Plans 

Association Sponsored Health Plans (MEWA)

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)


Dental and Vision Insurance

We partner with a variety of carriers to find suitable dental and vision insurance programs to enhance your benefits package. We work to find creative ways to manage your budget for offering these programs and look for plan design features to enhance your offering.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is an important part of many of our clients benefits packages that they offer employees. Group disability plans can be a very affordable way for individuals to obtain disability coverage. We work with benefits committees to identify the most appropriate duration and funding strategy to offer these benefits to employees. It is critical to have your disability plans align with your employee handbook as to avoid potential gaps in coverage for employees.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a great way for employees to gain peace of mind and security. Having the ability to obtain potentially guarantee issue life insurance is an important feature to have in most financial plans. We can help your firm find competitive solutions to offering life insurance for your employees. 

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