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Science and Engineering

Case Study


Our client employs over 250 people across nine states, with a central office in Columbus, Ohio. The organization consists of licensed Engineers and Scientists with expertise in a variety of specialties, offering consultation and testing services to external parties.


The client faced various growth and business cycle challenges while aiming to retain key talent.


Siekmann has been providing the following Employee Benefit Services to this client for over 25 years:

  • Retirement Plan Advisory

  • Retirement Plan Third Party Administration

  • Employee Benefits Broker (Self-Funded Consultant)

  • Benefits Administration


Siekmann has been working with this client for over 20 years, supporting them through different stages of growth and business cycles. Our ability to provide consultation on all of their employee benefit offerings has enabled us to form unique relationships with their employees, helping them achieve their financial and health-related goals. Cost management and risk mitigation are crucial parts of our strategic plan, which has allowed our client to retain key talent within the organization and maintain quality financials during inflationary times.

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