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Benefits Administration

Employee Benefit Administration

The Siekmann Company offers assistance to your company and HR Department by providing services to include employee benefit enrollments, terminations and reconciliation of monthly billings for your benefit carriers. We provide this service on a fee or hourly basis.

Healthcare Reform Notices

Medicare D Requirements

Monthly Billings

Carrier Enrollments

HRA Administration

HRA Reimbursement

The Siekmann Company can assist you in designing a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) that can be paired with your medical plan to allow for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses to your insured employees. These plans can be designed to reimburse portions of the deductible, copays and/or coinsurance. HRA's are a cost-effective and powerful tool that, when put in place correctly, can improve your overall employee benefits plans.

FSA Plans

Flexible Spending Accounts: Medical Expense and Dependent Care Reimbursement are tax-advantaged and a tool that allows you as an employer to improve your employee's benefit plans. FSA implementation can be very complex and we at The Siekmann Company can effectively and accurately manage and implement these plans. FSA reimbursement plans can be coupled with your medical plan and, for smaller companies, we can provide adjudication of claims and reimbursement to your FSA participants. For new plans our services also include preparation of Plan Documents and employee communications. Pre-tax contributions and FSA accounts not only provide a tax savings to your employees, but in most cases provide savings to the business.

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