Group Medical

The Siekmann Company works with you to design a group medical plan that fits the needs of employees within the budget of the employer. To provide options, we work closely with several different medical insurance carriers. We not only have experience in fully insured plans, we also provide expertise in self-insured medical plans for groups of all sizes. In addition to coordinating the medical coverage, we have been hired by groups to do billings, including enrollments, terminations and Open Enrollment mailings.

Group Dental / Group Vision

We work with several different dental carriers to provide many options for dental benefits. These plans can be designed to fit your budget.  

COBRA Outsourcing

We have partnered with vendors that offer COBRA administration for your plan. COBRA documents are ever changing and can be a liability to employers. For that reason, we outsource COBRA to the experts that provide the required notices that are up to date and in compliance. These services can also include monthly invoicing to COBRA participants and collection of monthly premiums.

Tax Form 5500

If your benefit plan has more than 100 participants, we can prepare your annual Form 5500 Tax Return for filing.

We strive to provide the very best:

  • Benefit Plan Design
  • Orientation Packet Preparation
  • Fully Insured Plan/Self Insured Plan
  • Employee Communications

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